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Waylines Media is a publisher of the fantastic. Our goal is to capture the "bang" in fiction - that mindbending, wow factor. So we aren't limiting ourselves to a specific style of story or even media format. Stay tuned to see what comes out of the Waylines.

What are Waylines?

They are a phenomenon recently discovered by NASA. They were initially revealed in a deep-space signal intercepted by Voyager 1 as it passed into the "cosmic purgatory." Some say the signal is just random space static, but others have claimed to have translated it, and believe it to contain the following ancient text:

"Waylines are the seams of the universe. They are its borders, where reality and fantasy collide, where the impossible comes true. And sometimes they split open. Sometimes, the unknown slips out. Step lightly! They run throughout every galaxy, every planet, every neighborhood. You never know where you might enter a wayline. And you never know where it might take you."

So keep your eyes open out there. The lines supposedly never take the same shape twice. You might enter a wayline and never even know it. You may even be in one now. Safe journeys.

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