Short Story Collection

The Citizens - Prelude to The Citizens of Oblivion


Year: 2015-8-04
Pages: 80


  • Written by Darryl Knickrehm

In Dreams

A prelude to the dystopian odyssey: The Citizens of Oblivion

2081. Heaven on earth was made. 2228. Paradise falls. These are the lives of those who woke heaven.

The Citizens is the collected tales of three citizens:

Bob, a repairman at the Mechanized Psychiatric Analysis Center, dreams of escaping his job. On his last day before retirement, a new inmate proves to be more than Bob can handle, risking the escape he so dreams.

Franz K Scordato is an artist with a promising future. But outside of the protected sector of academia, he struggles to survive in a system bereft of creativity. The madness of his frustration drives him to attempt a final piece -- one that uses his own life as part of the work.

All John Slade wants is to use an ASP booth. All that he needs is to kill himself. It's normal. It's what everybody does. It's the law! But for some reason, people just keep getting in his way. How could society become this sick?

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